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For The Love of Dogs

 Ever notice when you are talking to your dog that he looks a little concerned? My little Sammie is very intense when I talk to him, as if he is listening to me for the very first time.

I really appreciate that because it always makes me laugh. It also makes me so grateful to have him because he cares enough to pay attention to me.

One other thing that he teaches me is to live in the moment. When you think about all the time our dogs put in just waiting for us to come through the door, it is truly a miracle they still love us.

They also wait for us to realize there is fun just around the corner. My little guy likes to initiate games to get me going. 

I don't know how many times I think he is doing something to mess up what I just finished only to realize he is doing it to get me to perk up. He creates these games just for me. I think that is pretty special.

My favorite is when he takes the throw rug in the bathroom and crumples it up, then waits for me to go in there to find it. I put it back in place and he waits till I am gone and does it again. We both enjoy the inter-action.

The joy he finds in the simplest things always amazes me. I have a tendency to work too hard so making me stop is one of his favorite occupations. I now take my time with many things, less frustration and time for play while doing it.

That is now my attitude about running a business. Which is why I am including my love of animals in my business website. It is a part of me I can't separate from my identity and I want to share who I am with you. On that note, time to go play. Talk again soon......

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