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When you decide to create a business, the many details might overwhelm you. I know when I began a business many years ago, just the thought of having to create my own website was enough to make me rethink what I was doing.

But before long, I figured out enough of the basics to venture forth. Times have changed but much of the information we need is still the same. It is now all about how we get our results, especially if we do not have a physical location and have a digital enterprise instead.

🌼Growing a business is similar to creating a garden. I am a gardener so I should know. All those beautiful blooms or plants require planning. Where will they grow, what kind of plants or garden do you want, how will you keep them growing and what is needed to start and propagate?

Shrink all of that data to a few concerns and direct your energy there. What is your niche or to put it another way, your passion? Create a basic website or blog to start and then connect all of your social media outlets. Good, now it looks more manageable.👩

At this point, you will need to market your product or service.There are many businesses out there to help you navigate this confusing area. I highly recommend this free e-book I have created with my associates on Marketing.  It is totally up-to-date and chock full of information.

Even if you do not decide to work with my associates with your business, this book will be very helpful so please take a look. Go e-book

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